The Flow of Learning

When children play all day and they choose the path that their day takes then they enter a state of flow. When they are in this natural state of flow they are responding and in-tune with their own selves. They choose what to spend their time focused on, how long to delve into it, which direction they take and how they explore that path. They are connected to their own inner being whether it is within their own imagination, or feelings, movement or pursuit of knowledge.

We are often unable to see what it is that motivates or engages our children as they play. Whether it is the music from the piano that thrills them or the feel of the keys under their fingers. We cannot tell if it is the colours that swirl together as they mix the paint onto the paper or the feel of the paint as they move it around with their hands. It might be that there is comfort in being together and the activity is redundant, it could be the familiarity of the task or the challenge that it sets that holds their attention.

As we play with our children we give them a strong message that we trust them to make decisions about their learning. We believe that what and how they chose to explore the world around them has merit and value. We inadvertently empower their sense of self and allow them to be the best judges of their own path.

What sets our days apart is that our children are supported in the things that they choose to do without question. That they are able to follow a state of flow through their play, as far as is possible. Our children’s passions are facilitated even when we are unable to see or understand what is taking place, and we must remember that there are so many layers to every learning experience that it is impossible to fully know the extent or direction of learning.

As our children grow older, we are able to look back retrospectively and see connections between the the things they did when they were younger and what they are doing now. It helps us also to envisage forward and see a myriad of possibilities. Our children will grow boldly into their adult lives knowing what ignites passion in them and continuing to follow a path that embraces their interests.

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Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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