Following the Flow

Here is a day in the life of our house, this is what going with the flow looks like and how we support our children’s day to day activity.

Welcome to the House of Wonders:

Our day began with Miss 8 and Miss 5 having a drawing challenge that they set themselves. They were able to select three mediums/materials to use and create a picture on the theme of ‘Flowers.’ They did this on our dinning table.

Miss 8 and Miss 5 moved onto playing barbies upstairs in their bedroom. We created three homesteads and characters for each family which had to include at least one adult, one child and a pet. The families lived next to each other and had a shared outdoor space. We then had to choose outfits for each of the participants to attend one of the children’s birthday party. The game paused here and we returned to it later in the day to play through the party scenerio.

Mr 13 received his Skylanders Giants kit today and we got out all the Skylanders he has and compared them. There are plans to play the new game later today.

Mr 11’s Universal Yum box arrived today. All four children dived in. I read the ingredients list and advised on what confectionery was safe for which child to eat (as we have multiple allergies in the house) and participated in the taste testing and resulting discussions.

Miss 8 and Miss 5 requested an outdoor den, to their specifications. I helped with the manual labour and implementation of ideas on how to attach the roof. We trialled pegs but the wind was strong today and the pegs snapped off. Next we tied the blanket on with string which was more successful until the wind blew up under the roof and pulled the chairs down on top of the children. They abandoned the idea of a den in the garden today and moved indoors to do face painting.

Miss 8 needed to craft and create so the paints came out and the machine that is her ability to produce endless artwork began. Miss 5 joined in but soon moved on to playing Pacman on the tv.

Mr 11 went on a bike ride with daddy and stopped at the tyre swing in the woods on the return journey. They cycled further than they have previously and even daddy had to stop for a break.

When Mr 11 arrived home, all the small humans played together on the trampoline. This is a game that involves them not being hit by the ball/s that are also bouncing around with them or being thrown by participants.

There are other activities going on too, things that the children are doing on their own or with their siblings that don’t involve me directly. Mr 13 had a video call with a friend and they played on line together, Mr 11 played Roblox today and probably other games too as well spending time with the cats, Miss 8 has flicked through some books and watered the seedlings and Miss 5 has played barbies on her own. Supporting their interests also means being available if they need me either to meet a physical need or question or for a moment of connection. Which reminds me, Mr 11 and I also spent some time observing a fly climbing up the window and ended up Googling how long a fly lives and the life cycle of a fly.

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Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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