FAQ: Is it possible to unschool neuro-divergent children?

Neuro divergent children deserve and are entitled to the same respect and love that any child should have.

Our aim is to provide our children with strong relationships and allies in an environment that meets their needs. We walk alongside them and advocate for them, demonstrating inter-personal skills and giving voice to autonomy. We accept their varying individual needs and respond by providing them with a space that meets their requirements. In this way we provide a life that they can feel comfortable and confident in and enable them to thrive educationally.

The six pillars of unschooling can be applied in any family successfully but the out workings of those principles will look different between each family. Our children’s interests and daily personal choices may be vastly different to what we expected but the process of applying the principles remains the same. We honour trust and respect their choices and nurture them as the true individuals that they are.

Comparing our children to others that we know, whether schooled or home educated, will often steal our attention from the life we are creating. We allow them the time and space that they need to develop according to their own unique timetable. Maintaining our focus on our own children, their happiness and mental health, should be our success guide as we facilitate their emotional, physical and cognitive needs.

Our own fears are often just that, ours. Focusing on this moment, and improving the next moment before us, will lead us to peaceful strong relationships with our children. The learning is integral.

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Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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