Supporting their interests

Some of our children’s interests last a life time, they begin playing with lego as soon as they are able to hold blocks and then they never let go. Thirteen years later they are still buying their own lego models and you have over 25 kilos of lego in your house. Those thirteen years haveContinue reading “Supporting their interests”

Being the Bridge not the Gatekeeper

Being free to express yourself through mediums such as art, dance, writing, music is the expression of your personality and displays your uniqueness, it helps us to understand ourselves and share that with those around us. It can be difficult to see children expressing themselves because as a culture we are not used to hearingContinue reading “Being the Bridge not the Gatekeeper”

Saying ‘Yes’ to Our Children

Saying yes to our children builds our relationships and develops mutual trust and respect. It lets our children know, that we trust that they know what they need and, by positively engaging with them, we show our support for their learning journey. Conversely, if we are constantly attempting to redirect them to what we thinkContinue reading “Saying ‘Yes’ to Our Children”

What if I trusted my Child?

What if we stop shaming and belittling our children for being human? What if we respect them when they say ‘no’? What if we value their opinion? What if we accept that they make mistakes and are able to learn from them? What if we acknowledge that they are experts on themselves? What if weContinue reading “What if I trusted my Child?”

Listening to my Children Say ‘No’

As we get to know our children better and we put genuine time and effort into getting to know them and prioritising and building our relationship with them we will develop mutual trust and respect with our children. We mustn’t be afraid or offended when we hear our children say ‘no’ to us. It isContinue reading “Listening to my Children Say ‘No’”

Support Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy Theodore Roosevelt When we begin Unschooling and move purposefully into a life without school we can easily find ourselves wondering what our children would have learnt if they had been at school today. When my children were younger, we lived on the same road as two Primary schools andContinue reading “Support Joy”

Trusting the Learning Process (Part Two)

Trusting the learning process is essential to Unschooling success. Shifting our perspective on what learning looks like and challenging our experiences and often deeply held beliefs on how children learn will help us move towards being able to better support our children. In our Unschooling homes learning has the potential to take on many formsContinue reading “Trusting the Learning Process (Part Two)”

Embracing Inquisitiveness

Our children have an innate ability to learn. When our children learn without school and curriculum based learning they are free to follow their own curiosity. They are intrinsically motivated to engage with whatever interests them, to question, and observe, and to try things out, and wonder at the world. Our responsibility as adults isContinue reading “Embracing Inquisitiveness”

Run with Sparkle

In my previous post Home Made Deep Learning I proposed that cultivating a life where new connections can be forged and learning embedded is partially reliant on the adults presenting opportunities for children to engage with new ideas. Running with Sparkle really means: 🌟 Embracing moments of connection and joy with each of your children.Continue reading “Run with Sparkle”

People are more important than things

The tipping tea logo here at is a reminder that people are more important than things. That relationship comes first. That connection is vital. That all other things are secondary. I love tea. There is an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to tea. It isn’t a huge cupboard but it is specifically forContinue reading “People are more important than things”