How focusing on this one thing will dramatically improve your unschooling life

It’s the dream, isn’t it? To be living and learning seamlessly without the niggles, the wobbles, and the questions that pester our minds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could switch lifestyles instantly, and be successfully and completely unschooling without the work of shifting your mindset and your habits? Unfortunately, that is not the realityContinue reading “How focusing on this one thing will dramatically improve your unschooling life”

Unschooling Across the Neurotypes

Welcome to the LivePlayLearn guest blog post series. This series aims to share with you a diverse selection of families who are traversing the paths of life and learning with an unschooling mindset. The aim is to showcase how unschooling principles can be effectively implemented across the broad spectrum of lifestyles and yield a life of peace, joy, and learning. As well as this, participants will be sharing with you the stumbling blocks that have been overcome along they way, and the glorious variety of interests and activities that children access when they are living a life without school. I hope that it brings peace and encouragement to you.

The Case for Unschooling

-Considerations moving forward after the PCC Judicial Review- On November 16th the outcome of Christina Goodred v Portsmouth City Council and the Secretary of State for Education was published. The reaction from the Home Educating Community was largely a combination of shock, disbelief, and fear. It has unearthed many questions about the long term objectives and plansContinue reading “The Case for Unschooling”

Unschooling – Where Everything is Educational

Setting the Educational Bar It’s everywhere we turn. The idea that certain toys are educational, certain experiences are educational, particular places are educational. I have items in my home that supposedly hold more value than others because they have been branded as ‘educational’. They have lists on the side of them that outline the skillsContinue reading “Unschooling – Where Everything is Educational”

Changing Our Minds by Naomi Fisher

-Book Review- I first met Naomi in 2015, the year my eldest child turned 8 years old. We both attended an unschoolers camp during the Spring time with our children, who found each other within the first few hours of arrival, and have been friends ever since. We have spent many collective hours since thenContinue reading “Changing Our Minds by Naomi Fisher”

Untigering by Iris Chen

Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent -Book Review- Iris Chen describes herself as an American born Chinese who somehow ended up with kids who are Chinese born Americans. Her Untigering journey explores how she navigates life and parenting at the intersection of both her Chinese and American identities. Her journey has led her fromContinue reading “Untigering by Iris Chen”

How do I know that my child is learning?

Testing is the norm in schools. Beginning of the year ability tests, end of the week spelling test, end of term assessments, mental maths tests. Tests, tests, tests. And even when there aren’t tests, children are being watched and assessed. Learning is measured and monitored constantly within schools. When our children are living a lifeContinue reading “How do I know that my child is learning?”

The Glorification of Busy

The idea of schedules, for me, conjures up the idea of busy. We are all so busy: There are groups; play dates; food shopping; outdoor activities; at home activities; laundry to do; pets to attend to; special occasions to consider; new experiences to research; library books to return; outings to organise; clothes to sort (whyContinue reading “The Glorification of Busy”

The Surprising Reality of Our Unschooling Rhythm

I think the reality of our days, would surprise you. I think the variety between one day and the next in our house, would surprise you. I think the difference between one year and the following year, would surprise you. The reality of our lives and living according to our own individual rhythms and creatingContinue reading “The Surprising Reality of Our Unschooling Rhythm”