Group Coaching Course

Photo by Matthew Steel

Understanding Unschooling

How to CiK start your unschooling life

Feel confident in your educational choices and understand the basic principles of unschooling.

Find out about the process of natural learning, its benefits and how to facilitate your child’s interests from home.

Learn how to build a unique positive family lifestyle full of joy and learning.

Participate in discussions that you help shape and delve deep into unschooling possibilities.

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Rachel Evans

“This course allowed me space to revisit ideas, creates space to re-evaluate and learn. I found I gained a great deal and created an opportunity for me to take a fresh look and dive a bit deeper into my practise.”

Yua Ma

“The best is the course supports what I believe that relationship is the most important things, and trust our children. And it helps me to move in this way”

Victoria Casey

“It was fun. It was authentic. It was an accepting and safe place, It felt supportive”

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