Guest Blog Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest blog post to LivePlayLearn. This series will be focusing on how different families came to unschooling, and how it is implemented in their homes. It is my aim to showcase unschooling across a broad spectrum of demographics to encourage readers, and demonstrate how unschooling principles can be applied to their own personal situations.

To take part, simply answer the questions below as if you are talking to me. Please be open and chatty in your answers. You are also free to add anything to your answer (or go off on a tangent!) or add your own content in the final section.

These questions are not set in stone! If you would prefer to contribute a freestyle piece, please use these questions as a guide, or prompt, but feel free to submit directly to Please use the subject heading: Guest Blog Post. The submission should not exceed 1500 words.

The questions and answers will be reproduced in a publicly available blog on, and shared via social media. When you have completed the form, you will receive an auto-response asking you to send me a profile picture, or alternative that you would be happy for me to use in infographics related to the blog post. Please do this ASAP after submission.

Submissions may be edited for clarity, spelling and punctuation. Only substantial edits will be sent to you for approval prior to publication. Submission of the form does not guarantee publication.

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