Pillars of Unschooling

Welcome to the Six Pillars of Unschooling Series. Here you will find links to posts that outline the foundation for all unschooling practices and decisions. These are the principles on which the unschooling lifestyle is built, everything rests on the implementation of these ideals.

The Six Pillars of Unschooling are:

  1. Prioritising relationships
  2. Choosing joy
  3. Trusting our children
  4. Supporting self-expression
  5. Supporting our children’s interests
  6. Trusting the learning process

Each of the Pillars of Unschooling is explored via:

  • what these pillars are,
  • how they work,
  • why they are important,
  • a sneak peek into what that looks like in our house (The House of Wonders)
  • and a vlog

Prioritising Relationships
People are more important than things
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Fostering relationships in our house

Seek joy
Support joy
Choose joy
Living a joy filled life

Trusting our children
Listening to my children say ‘no’
Why we should trust our children
Saying ‘yes’ to our children

Supporting self expression
Being the bridge and not the gatekeeper
Learning Styles
Living together when everyone is different

Partnering our children
Support their interests
The flow of learning
Facilitating our children’s passions

Trusting the learning process (part one)
Embracing Inquisitiveness
Trusting the learning process (part two)
What learning looks like

Bringing it all together
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