Unschooling – Where Everything is Educational

Setting the Educational Bar It’s everywhere we turn. The idea that certain toys are educational, certain experiences are educational, particular places are educational. I have items in my home that supposedly hold more value than others because they have been branded as ‘educational’. They have lists on the side of them that outline the skillsContinue reading “Unschooling – Where Everything is Educational”

How do I know that my child is learning?

Testing is the norm in schools. Beginning of the year ability tests, end of the week spelling test, end of term assessments, mental maths tests. Tests, tests, tests. And even when there aren’t tests, children are being watched and assessed. Learning is measured and monitored constantly within schools. When our children are living a lifeContinue reading “How do I know that my child is learning?”

The Surprising Reality of Our Unschooling Rhythm

I think the reality of our days, would surprise you. I think the variety between one day and the next in our house, would surprise you. I think the difference between one year and the following year, would surprise you. The reality of our lives and living according to our own individual rhythms and creatingContinue reading “The Surprising Reality of Our Unschooling Rhythm”

The art of saying ‘yes’

or, how not to automatically say ‘no’ Saying yes to our children does not come naturally. We live in a culture of saying ‘no’ to our children automatically. Did you know that the average toddler hears the word ‘no’ 400 times a day? It’s almost hard to believe, until you start to pay attention toContinue reading “The art of saying ‘yes’”

Unschooling is not child-led learning

-Let’s bust this myth- Child-led learning is a common and easy description to use and one that is easy to understand. It is easy to see why unschooling could be described as child-led learning. The difficulty is that is also paints a false picture as it is not entirely true. Unschooling is not child-led learning.Continue reading “Unschooling is not child-led learning”

Five Steps to Unschooling: Step 4

Welcome to the Five Steps to Unschooling mini series. Here you will find five small things that you can implement in your home as you move towards unschooling. They are in no particular order and I am certain other mini series will follow to give you further ideas of how you can move forward towardsContinue reading “Five Steps to Unschooling: Step 4”

What is the purpose of us playing with our children?

One of the ways in which we can support our children’s interests is by joining them in their games. If that seems like a big divide to cross then you can read more here about how to play with your children. Living an unschooling life is about more than allowing our children to do whatContinue reading “What is the purpose of us playing with our children?”

If my children are playing, what do I do?

We have a role to play in our children’s lives and as we move away from schooling and school like education then we can sometimes be left wondering what our role is. We are no longer required to usher them to school and make sure that they complete their reading journals and home work projectsContinue reading “If my children are playing, what do I do?”

What if my children play all day?

What if my children play all day and don’t do any work? For children play is learning, even if it is not tangible or measurable or test worthy. If they are engaged in an activity then it is plausible that that activity is offering them something that they need and that they find personally engaging.Continue reading “What if my children play all day?”

Play is…

Making sense of the world around you. Rehearsing the past, present and future. Working through ideas. Practising. Mastering. Repeating. Perfecting. Thinking. Re-thinking. Organising. Rehearsing. Re-Enacting. Investigating. Experimenting. Hypothesising. Observing. Puzzling. Questioning. Exploring. Co-operating. Negotiating. Compromising. Discussing. Sharing ideas. Concluding. Engaging. Turn-taking. Conferring. Controlling. Rule making. Rule breaking. Setting targets. Setting boundaries. Setting limits. Limitless. Lateral. Diverse. Problem setting. Problem solving. Enquiring. Searching. challenging. Engaging. Absorbing. Creative. Representative. Unique. Fun. Fantasy. Make believe. Making thingsContinue reading “Play is…”