Listening to my Children Say ‘No’

As we get to know our children better and we put genuine time and effort into getting to know them and prioritising and building our relationship with them we will develop mutual trust and respect with our children. We mustn’t be afraid or offended when we hear our children say ‘no’ to us. It isContinue reading “Listening to my Children Say ‘No’”

Trusting our Children

Trusting our children is the opposite of controlling our children. Trusting our children is enabling them and empowering them. Providing them with a safe place that they can try out their ideas and practice making decisions. For example: We trust them to make decisions about how they want to spend their day: what they wantContinue reading “Trusting our Children”

Fostering Relationships in Our House

In our house putting our relationships first looks like: Making sure that I spend 1:1 time with each of my children, if they want it. This week I have researched how to detangle doll hair and create a Barbie salon with my five year old. We conditioned and combed out the hair of eight BarbiesContinue reading “Fostering Relationships in Our House”