Loving Ourselves in the Midst of Unschooling

Unschooling focuses on creating a peaceful family environment where learning can flourish. We talk a lot about how to support our children and nurture our relationships. It takes planning and forethought and effort. We pour our energy into facilitating our children’s passions, mediating conversations, playing with them, searching for learning and social opportunities. And ourContinue reading “Loving Ourselves in the Midst of Unschooling”

Giving from our Resources

Unschooling is a form of Home Educating. It is a whole life embracing approach to family living. It is a 24/7 investment. There is no ‘two hours of curriculum’ and ‘one hour of daily clubs’ and the educational boxes have been ticked and completed for the day. It requires constant adult presence and availability. ItContinue reading “Giving from our Resources”

Prioritising Relationships

You don’t get far when reading about or researching Unschooling without coming across the idea that prioritising your relationship with your child is paramount to success. It is the pillar that holds everything else up or the foundation on which everything else is built. Without it you can still build an adequate structure but inContinue reading “Prioritising Relationships”