Frequently Asked Questions

I like the idea of unschooling

but am overwhelmed with information

and confused with where to start,

where can I get help?

Help is here

1:1 mentoring

Small group coaching

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Is it legal?

It is legal to home educate your children in the U.K and for you to do so in a manner that suits you and your family.

There are special requirements when de-registering children from a Special Placement.

How do you unschool?

Why is it called ‘unschooling’?

Unschooling is a term first used in the 1970’s by John Holt to describe children who learnt without school. It was inspired by the advert for 7UP which was described as un-cola.

Children have, in reality, been living and learning without school since time began and continue to do so in many cultures throughout the world.

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What about socialisation?

Children who are home educated socialise with their peers through groups and events.

They also have meaningful cross-generational interactions with members of their community through every day encounters and common interest groups.

Is it possible to unschool neuro divergent children?

Can home educated children take exams?

If and when children need to take exams they can study for these by joining home educating study groups, using online programmes, study guides, or personal tutors.

Exams can be taken too via igcses, as private candidates, or enrolling in a local college.

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Is unschooling and Christianity compatible?

What is the difference between unschooling and radical unschooling?

Unschooling refers predominantly to providing our children with personal educational freedom and choices.

Radical unschooling applies the same principles to the whole of our children’s lives.

How does unschooling work with children of different ages and interests?

What does unschooling look like?

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