Chaotic Good

-A day in the life at the House of Wonders- It’s not always relaxed and low energy in our house. If you have been reading the last few posts on the surprising reality of our unschooling rhythm or the glorification of busy, you might be under the impression that everything is continuously gentle and calm.Continue reading “Chaotic Good”

The Glorification of Busy

The idea of schedules, for me, conjures up the idea of busy. We are all so busy: There are groups; play dates; food shopping; outdoor activities; at home activities; laundry to do; pets to attend to; special occasions to consider; new experiences to research; library books to return; outings to organise; clothes to sort (whyContinue reading “The Glorification of Busy”

Children Need Structure

That’s what people say. The purpose of structure is to provide something sure and certain. A sense of safety and security. Something predictable and stable. When everything else around it and within it changes, the foundations stay strong and hold firm. What people mean, when they say that children need structure, is that children needContinue reading “Children Need Structure”

A week in the garden

It has been a great week for garden activity. The weather has been continuously sunny and we have been able to open up our french doors which allows for free movement between inside and outside. Consequently, the garden is utilised to a much fuller degree. We have a large picnic table and benches on aContinue reading “A week in the garden”


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