Hi, my name is Heidi and I live with my husband and four children in South East England. I am an ex-teacher turned unschooler who moved beyond the traditional paradigms of the classroom when I became disillusioned with the education system.

Join me and discover the what, why, how and joy of an unschooling family.

Transitioning from a formal education setting can be daunting and we can frequently find ourselves feeling uncertain about home education or stuck in a rut.

It is often difficult to find the information you need to get started or address your particular concern.

Help and support are here.

As a qualified teacher I have a working knowledge of how school impacts our lives, and the effects and challenges it poses for children and their families.

As someone who has ten years of unschooling practice and experience, I have current working knowledge of daily life with small children.

Photo by Matthew Steel

If you need someone to talk to please send me a message.

Hire me for 1:1 mentoring and bespoke online consultations.

Enrol in my small online group coaching course to give you the tools and information you need to boldly embark on your unschooling life.


Bespoke support, walking with you through your own unique journey towards a successful unschooling life.

Group Coaching

Small group coaching courses on how to move towards unschooling with determination and confidence.

Speaking and Writing

I write unschooling and life learning articles for publication. I am also available for public speaking or podcast interviews and discussions.

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