How do I deregister and begin Home Educating?

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You are legally allowed to home educate your children in the UK.

As the parent, you have legal responsibility for the education of your children.

If your child currently attends school, then you will need to deregister them.

Please always check local information and law, specific to your country of residence.


In England and Wales, you must send a deregistration letter to your child’s school.

You can then remove your child immediately.

If your child has never had a place at a school then you do not need to notify anyone.

You are now responsible for your child’s education

Get in touch with your local Home Educating groups.

Research different styles of home education.

Involve your young person in the process.

If you have deregistered, expect contact from your Local Authority: Elective Home Educating Team.

Recommended reading: EHE Guidance for Parents

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