What does Learning look like?

Learning in an Unschooling household looks like a million different things:

It can be jumping straight in and giving something new a try or taking it slow and doing something little by little or even sitting back and watching before giving it a try.

Learning can be spending five minutes on a game before spending five minutes on a craft and then five minutes dancing or repeating the same activity or immersing yourself for days or weeks on the same subject.

Sometimes learning is loud and energetic and exciting and obvious and sometimes it is the hidden internal work of the mind as it processes events and information.

Learning can be gathering information and resources and pouring over material, discussing interesting ideas, challenging and questioning that information, forming new ideas, and sifting out and discarding irrelevant material.

It can involve a lot of doing, a lot of activity, a lot of discussion, usually all at the same time. Conversely it can require stillness and contemplation and careful consideration.

All people learn differently and have learning preferences. Unschooling enables children the time and space and support to find their own preferences. We only need to trust the natural process of learning and trust our children in their explorations for learning to be effective.

Published by heiditsteel

Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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