FAQ: Is unschooling and Christianity compatable?

We are few in number, those of us who are Christians and unschoolers. It is not a common occurrence.

Unschooling goes hand in hand with our faith. We honour our children for the people that they have been made to be. We love our children as we love others. We actively walk in the grace, mercy and unconditional love that has been given so freely to us through Jesus and extend this towards our children. We prioritise our relationship with each other as God does with us.

Christians who home educate tend to be amongst the most structured in approach of all home educators. There can be a huge divide in approach and rational when compared to unschooling. Fortunately this has never been a cause to distance ourselves or disassociate from each other. In fact, one of the first families that we met when we began home educating falls within this category, but, we are firm friends, ten years on, and our children consider each other to be besties.

We know wonderful unschoolers who are Christians, Atheists, and everything in between. Your children will find their friends amongst all walks of life. Treasure them all. If you are fortunate enough to connect with other Christian unschoolers, look after each other.

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Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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