Run with Sparkle

In my previous post Home Made Deep Learning I proposed that cultivating a life where new connections can be forged and learning embedded is partially reliant on the adults presenting opportunities for children to engage with new ideas.

Running with Sparkle really means:

๐ŸŒŸ Embracing moments of connection and joy with each of your children.

๐ŸŒŸ Creating inviting spaces for your children to play.

๐ŸŒŸ Sharing new ideas with your children.

Embracing joy

Sometimes connection and joy can flow seamlessly through our days but sometimes our children are absorbed in their own thing and we need to create small moments to engage with each of them.

It could be doing something silly or playful to make them laugh, or presenting them with a plate of food that is shaped like a face, bringing a drink or a snack when you are making your own or putting on music and setting up a singing/dance floor in the kitchen.

Creating inviting spaces

You can create inviting spaces with toys that are routinely played with as well as with new items. You can even mix the two.

You could: set up a drawing station for your budding artist; Download an app your child enjoyed playing at a friend’s house; Put out the Barbies and set their clothes and furniture up ready to play; Pre make biscuit dough to roll and cut out; Hide nerf guns around the house with notes on that say ‘catch me if you can!’; or Delve into the back of a cupboard and dig out a forgotten game or unused Christmas gift.

Sharing New Ideas

Strewing is a concept written about by Sandra Dodd. An idea that you can be interesting and create a life full of engaging things, without hope or agenda, just for the fun of it. Roll with the objects that peek curiosity and spend time together in conversation when it arises.

Remember that for young children everything is new. It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles on. A collection of Autumnal items, some rubber bands, illustrations from the calendar on Artists, everyday items you have in the house can lead to a whole host of questions.

And as our children grow we can still pave their way with interesting things: Share articles; Share jokes; Share photos; Take a walk but go a different route to normal; Go on an outing; Learn something new together.

It’s the same principle no matter how old your children are. Add something different into their day. Put something in their path that wasn’t there the day before.

I Saw This and Thought of You

As our children’s passions grow and we get to see more of what brings them joy then we will also be able to tailor items to those interests. It is the same idea as when we see something that we know a friend would like and we send them a picture of it or buy it as a gift or tell them about it when we next see them. It fosters a moment of connection in our relationship.

It’s time to use your imagination. It only takes a moment to add a little sparkle to your day, something that will connect you and your child, lead to shared experiences, time together, love displayed, and inadvertently lead to learning.

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Teacher turned Unschooler: passionate about autonomous education and supporting our children's natural inclination towards learning through play.

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